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Available: June - September

Duration: 12 - 14 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Highlights: Hjálparfoss and Háifoss waterfalls, Hekla volcano, Rhyolite mountain, lava field, geothermal pool, Ljótipollur crater.

Departure times: 8am-9am / flexible

Pickup information: Free pick up at all accommodations in Greater Reykjavik area.

What you get: Super jeep fare, free Wi-Fi on the board, fee for using Landmannalaugar facilities

What to bring: Swim suit, towel,pucked lunch, camera, good clothes and hiking boots.

PRICE: From 18.000 isk (minimum 78.000isk per tour)

Disclaimer: all trips that are undertaken are the responsibility of the participants. Islandia4u does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions.

Landmannalaugar tour is a good mix of driving to the south lowlands and in to the beautiful highlands of Iceland. On the way to Landmannalaugar, we see one of the world's most active volcano - Hekla, river crossing, Hjalparfoss and Haifoss waterfalls and many other things such as craters, majestic glacial river and walking around beautiful lava. In the heart of Landmannalaugar you have the chance to take a bath in the natural hot-spring, so please bring a towel because you don´t want to miss, to soak-in and enjoy the surreal Rhyolite mountains that surrounds you.

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